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Navigating the Wild West of Discord: A Guide to Keeping the Digital Town Safe

Discord, the bustling hub of online communities, is akin to a digital Wild West. Here, you’ll find everything from harmonious towns (servers) to the occasional digital tumbleweed rolling across your screen. But as any sheriff in this electronic expanse will tell you: where there’s a town, there’s trouble. That’s where our story about alts, raids, and those sneaky VPN outlaws begins.

Discord is a scary desert

Alternate accounts: good folks or bad folks?

Alternate accounts, or ‘alts’, are like the mysterious strangers in town. Some are just quiet folks, trying to keep a low profile. But others? They’re the ones wearing the black hats, up to no good. They sneak back into towns they’ve been run out of, stir up trouble, and sometimes even lead a raiding party to cause chaos in otherwise peaceful communities, just to seek revenge.

Raiders: The Bandits of Discord

Imagine this: You’re enjoying a peaceful evening in your server, chatting about the latest cat memes, when suddenly – a wild bunch of raiders burst in! These digital desperados spam, troll, and create a ruckus, turning your once peaceful server into a virtual ghost town.

Raids are a nightmare to identify and counter. It’s a cat and mouse game, really – technology is improving to block raids, and raiders improve their attack vectors everyday to bypass security measures.

VPN Users: The Masked Bandits of Discord

Then there are those who use VPNs – the digital equivalent of a bandit’s mask. Sure, some folks use them for privacy, like a cowboy pulling his hat low to avoid recognition. Unfortunately, the reality is that most use them to sneak back into servers from which they’ve been ousted, as sneaky as a snake in a saloon.

Fear not, for our digital towns are not defenseless! Enter the unsung heroes of Discord, the verification bots. These bots are like the trusty deputies of a Wild West town, keeping an eye out for trouble.

How to Protect your Discord Community

Double Counter: The Automated Alt Sniper

Think of Double Counter as the sharpshooter of verification bots. It’s got an eye like a hawk for spotting alts and raiders. This bot quietly perches on the rooftops of your server, vigilantly guarding the peace without causing a ruckus.

Double Counter works by comparing account data, and successfully identifies any alt that can hide behind a Discord account. It uses 10+ factors, and defeats all raids as it also blocks automated accounts, Tor nodes and virtual machines.

Double Counter is kind of like the bounty hunter tracking those VPN-using outlaws. It’s the bot that walks into a saloon, eyes the crowd, and can tell who’s hiding behind a fake mustache and a different hat. Double Counter makes sure that those who’ve been shown the door don’t sneak back in through the window.

AltDentifier: The kind town sheriff

In the bustling world of our digital Wild West, there’s a high-tech telegraph that’s making waves across Discord towns – AltDentifier. Picture this bot as the newfangled invention in town, trusted by more than 150,000 saloons (servers) and nearly 50 million cowboys and cowgirls (users) across the prairie of Discord​​.

Just like a telegraph sending swift messages across the frontier, AltDentifier reaches out to newcomers with a direct message, faster than a gunslinger’s draw. It’s like the town crier, but for the digital age, verifying folks through an array of platforms including Steam, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Xbox, and even the good ol’ Google Captcha. This ensures every new face in town is who they say they are, keeping the outlaws at bay.

Setting up AltDentifier in your digital town is as simple as laying down telegraph wire. It’s a no-fuss affair – invite the bot over and set it up with a few clicks, just like how a telegraph operator would set up his station. This simplicity means even the most technologically challenged sheriff can keep his town safe and sound​​​​.

The never-ending Story of Discord Security

In this Wild West of digital interaction, the story never ends. There are always new alts riding into town, raiders plotting their next attack, and VPN users lurking in the shadows. But with the likes of Double Counter and AltDentifier, servers can maintain law and order. So tip your hat to these digital deputies, for they’re the ones keeping our Discord towns a safe place to hang your hat and share a meme or two. Remember, in the world of Discord, it’s always better to be safe than sorry – or in cowboy terms, better to have your lasso ready than to let the cattle stray!

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