Supercharged data-powered server protection.

We use millions of data points to effectively flag alt accounts, block raids and VPNs. Thanks to our privacy-respecting data-powered verification system, your Discord server is constantly protected against all kinds of threats. Since 2020.

Illustration of the Double Counter dashboard, providing detailed analytics on verifications, alts and VPN
Trusted by over 350,000 communities across discord, including large businesses

A word from the 3rd largest Discord server

We eliminate any kind of threat.

Using 20+ risk factors, 3 years of curated data and detailed threat modelling

Granular customization.

Dozens of settings. Millions of possible configurations. Make Double Counter yours and tailor it to the needs of your business.

super fast process - keep your retention high

Three seconds.

That's all it takes to verify.
At Double Counter, we believe verification of Discord accounts should not take ages, require Discord login, or anything else.
With Double Counter, you click a link and… well, that’s all. You’re now verified without any other button click or action.
Using Double Counter is a guarantee that your server security is as high as your retention rate, so you don’t have to worry about Discord Partner requirements and can focus on building what matters.

1.3 million users every month.

That’s how many we verify, with thousands of data points per user, to map the typical behaviors of alt accounts across the platform.

Our 4 Principles To Guarantee Your Server Safety

We provide video and written tutorials to setup the bot properly and give good practices in terms of server security, so you get better at identifying alt accounts and blocking raids on Discord.

We take support very seriously. Our support team members are trained for months and regularly tested on their abilities, so that we can provide you with the best assistance, at all times. Your members can’t verify? The bot is down? We have access to dozens of tools to help you properly.

We believe that the path to successful bots is being here for our communities. You suggest features, we code them. You have an urgent problem at 4:00 AM, you call us on an emergency phone line and we’re here within 5 minutes. That’s what we give to our most important communities.

All code is thoroughly tested before deployment. We have thousands of monitoring processes running to make sure verification works at all times. We have fallback processes in place, backups, to guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Double Counter is Free.

Yes, it’s free. Only 3 minor settings are part of the paid plan.

Go for it.

This is a staging enviroment