Take your server security to the next level with Double Counter Pro

Unleash the full power of Double Counter Pro and trust the ultimate data-powered protection service to eliminate alts, raids, VPNs and other threats completely

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Remove Advertisements on Verification Pages

Double Counter generates revenues through ads on verification pages for all your members. We understand you want to remove them. Support us and remove advertisements for all joining members.

Packed with Tons of Features

Take your Discord server security to the next level.

Fully-fledged Customization

Customize the on-join verification embed as you want, choose your own verification timeout, and much more.

Super detailed member information

Access detailed logs with our proprietary DC Fingerprinting algorithm, containing anonimized data for your members. Benefit from cross-database checks for unprecedented verification efficiency.

Pro is fully integrated with Discord

Unlock contextual actions: verify users and run other security actions by right clicking on them directly. Forget about old-fashioned slash commands.

We are partnered with Discord to unleash full potential

Manage your subscription in one click directly through Discord and benefit from their protection, as well as full integration with the platform.

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