Double Counter Features and settings

Why we are the best verification bot on Discord and block alts, VPNs and raids more efficiently than anyone else

The Double Counter setup wizard, that allows to custom the verification bot according to you specific needs
Illustration of role selection in the double counter dashboard settings
The member list in the Double Counter dashboard, containing all members, their detected alt accounts (including main accounts) and VPNs
Illustration of the local or global alt account detection setting on the dashboard
The Autoban feature on Double Counter, to ban all accounts flagged by the anti alt

Unique users verified with Double Counter


Alt account detection success rate


Settings to choose from


Guilds relying on our verification bot

Dozens of settings for everything

Double Counter’s verification and anti-alt system can be fully customized to meet your Discord server’s needs

Our three verification modes

Depending on your use case, you’ll use a different Double Counter mode to verify your Discord users

This is an example log from Double Counter when the bot detects an alt account on your server
Mode 1: On join

Mode 1: On join

With mode 1, the default mode, users will automatically be sent a verification link when they join your Discord server.

Mode 0: On click

Mode 0: On click

Yes, it’s mode 0 as Double Counter won’t take any action until the verify button is pressed by a user. It will then proceed to check their data to make sure they aren’t on an alt account. This is ideal for large servers.

Mode 2: Automated no-action screening

Mode 2: Automated no-action screening

Mode 2 is useful in certain circumstances, Double Counter will screen joining users without them verifying through a link. A faster, although less efficient way to check for alt accounts.

Frequently asked questions

I don't want all my users to go through verification, most of them are new to Discord

The way Double Counter works is it collects data on joining members to effectively identify their alt accounts and prevent raids. For this, it needs base data to compare joining members’ data to it. Unfortunately, even though you can set verification not to be mandatory, it will limit Double Counter in terms of security.

Is Double Counter free?

Yes, Double Counter is completely free. We also feature a Premium version, but it is optional and most features are available in the default free version.

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